Thursday, September 18, 2014

Deep thoughts at toddler story time

With the boys in kindergarten, Zachy and I have begun our own adventures. One of those is a weekly trip to the library for story time. When I first moved to Boise nine years ago, I found the sweetest little babies and moms story time at the library for us to attend. Then, Marcus graduated to toddler story time and that was when we met the queen of story time: Miss Tammy. She is amazing. I will travel past other libraries to reach her. :) Marcus and I went every week and fell in love with that woman and her stories and songs and complete willingness to be silly in front of grownups for the sake of the children. She is special. Well, along came the twins and I'll be honest when I say that story time was sort of hit and miss from then on out (mostly miss). It was just too much to take one toddler and two babies and then later when Zach came along, two toddlers and one baby. But now I just have one little adorable boy. Miss Tammy moved to a new library but we found her. Sadly, it isn't any closer, but we will still drive to her because to me, she is just that great.

at Roaring Springs this summer
This morning, I sat there with Zachy on my lap, smiling and counting and I thought of Marcus. And I thought of me. I thought of all the experiences and people that have filled the time between when he was the baby I held on my lap and now. Good things, bad things, happy things, hard things, some just things. I thought of the mom I was with one and the mom I am now with four. I thought of the person I was then and the person I am now. Honestly, sometimes it feels a little bitter sweet to be doing things I remember so clearly doing with my oldest with who I know will be my youngest.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Back to school

They boys have been in school for a few weeks, now. Marcus is in fourth grade and Owen and Eli are loving kindergarten (AM/same class). The night before school, we did our traditional special dinner. This year I made lasagna because it is a favorite of all my boys and we did a yummy cake, too. After dinner, Tim gave the boys and me (I'm serving on the PTO board as VP, again) a blessing. The boys were all so excited and happy for school to start and this made me feel happy and good, too. I want school to be a positive place for them--one they look forward to attending. So far, so good. That first morning, Owen and Eli didn't even look back as they lined up and headed into class. I didn't cry either, though I don't make any promises for first grade--that seems to be the year that hits me hard because it is the time when they are in another adult's care for more hours of the day than they are in mine. Hard. But kindergarten is just short and sweet and fun. We all love it.

The first few days when the boys came home, I couldn't wait to see what was in their backpacks--what papers and forms they needed me to fill out--what the syllabus said. I'm a nerd that way. I love school and that energy that comes with the month of September when all the students return. I love being on college campuses. I just get a rush from that learning space. In July, the three older boys took swimming lessons every day for three weeks down at BSU and though it was a bit of a drive, it was great. The swimming was fun, it was WAY affordable, and I got to be on a college campus for an hour every day.

We have a new principal this year and roughly 150 fewer kids at our school because the district redid the school boundaries. Last year was stressful and a hard year at our school for lots of reasons, but overcrowding was definitely one of the big problems. Our PTO spent a lot of time meeting with district representatives, writing letters, and holding meetings and all that hard work PAID OFF. This year already feels calmer and happier. It feels good to help make a difference, though it feels better looking back on that difference than it does when you are actually right smack in the crappy middle of it! I truly feel like parent involvement is so important, plus I have made some wonderful friends through PTO and volunteering at the school, so that's been a nice plus, too.

And what do Zachy and I do while the boys are in school? Gosh, what don't we do? That is the time we run errands, go to weekly story time at the library, play with Thomas, clean the house, watch Netflix, and visit the women in my ward (so much easier to bring along one little person than it is to bring three or four). The myth of kindergarten is that suddenly you'll have all this free time but really, kindergarten lasts like 5 minutes between when you're dropping them off and when you're back picking them up again. I will say it is a pure joy when Zachy is reunited with his brothers. He is a baby who was born into chaos and loud noises and when three of the four tornadoes are gone, he misses them. It is a happy thing when we "Go get the brothers."

Monday, April 14, 2014

Go Sharks!

Soccer season has started for Marcus. We are doing it through the YMCA, again, and it looks like it will be another fun season. He's just had one practice and game so far and the weather was lovely for both. Fall used to be my favorite season but now I think I am loving spring more. All the sunshine after such a long and gray winter. I just can't get enough of being outside. Coach Maggie is very nice and the kids on his team all seem really great. Marcus played the goalie and a defender in his first game. We had family in town for the weekend (Pinegar crew) so Marcus had quite the cheering section. The kids all voted that their team be called the Great White Sharks but we'll just shout, "Go sharks!" for short. He is thrilled about his jersey color, too, because his favorite color is blue. I can't believe this boy is finishing up third grade and will be nine in June. He is wonderful and I love him so much.

Monday, April 07, 2014

First prayer

Zachy said his first prayer last night with my assistance. He looked adorable with his little arms folded (hands clasped together in front of his chest) and his eyes squinted tightly shut. He echoed my words in his sweet little voice that got stronger throughout the prayer. It made us all so happy, and I can't think of a better conclusion to a lovely General Conference weekend.

I love my little family so much.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We spent Spring Break last week in Utah with family. It was really fun and we played hard and didn't get enough sleep. Sounds like a good vacation to me. Here are some highlights:

Zachy was in heaven playing with all of cousin Tyler's Thomas trains. He spent a lot of time in the play room and it was pretty adorable to see how happy he was and how his little imagination worked.

I got to go to a baby shower for my cousin Eliza (holy cow, my little cousins are having babies!) and then I spent the afternoon at IKEA with my mom, Emma, and Nicole. It was wonderful! I'm kind of obsessed with this chair right now and am trying to figure out how it can be mine.

Kimberlie's twins were blessed, so we got a lovely twin shot. Eli was not really feeling pictures this trip. Annoying.

We went to the zoo with Grandpa and Grandma and Emma and Kevin and Nicole. It was fun even though Zachy was sort of a beast child and anti-stroller.

Dinosaur museum with the cousins. That place is really cool. We loved the star room.

Watched them make candy at the Peppermint Place for two minutes and then spent the next 20 choosing (and whining about) what candy to buy. Owen's current favorite is gumballs. "Mom, I'm hungry for gumballs." Mental note: next time just buy the candy, first.

Saw the new aquarium. I don't have a good group shot from that but Owen took this lovely pic of some fish swimming around.It was a neat place and will be even more incredible in a few months when it is truly complete.

He NEVER does this. Tired little fellow. I think this was during the 50th time we watched Frozen. Oh. My. Word.

I love Temple Square. 

We hiked the Y. We burned some calories and then promptly replaced them with lunch and ice cream at the Creamery. Yay for us!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

We caused quite a scene in 2013!!!

Oh, January, the month of resolutions and husbands turning to wives and saying "Are you going to do one of those lists of things from last year on your blog?" And wives thinking, "Blog?"
But 2013 WAS a big year and a good year and so here I am back on ye olde blog with a list. Huzzah!

1. Zachy turned one and then waited until he was nearly 2 before he started walking. He's still in that lurching, Frankenstein phase, but we'll take it!
2. Owen and Eli started preschool (see post below that has been up for 4 months)
3. Owen got his tonsils and adenoids out and tubes in his hears. His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous and he already sounds, breathes, and hears sooo much better.
4. Family Reunion with my side in lovely Eden, Utah.
5. Tim was promoted to Controller.
6. Katie was called to be the Relief Society President.
7. Marcus got baptized.
8. Tim, Katie, and Marcus visited Nauvoo, Illinois. That was an amazing trip.
9. Marcus started cub scouts and Katie saw a life of scouting with 4 boys roll out in front of her.
10. We upgraded to faster internet. Why did we wait so long? Buffering is no longer a word in my vocabulary and it feels awesome.

Happy New Year!!

Friday, September 13, 2013


We sent Owen and Eli off to preschool this week. They were so excited and happy to go. It'll be three mornings a week for two hours. This school operates like a cooperative so I will volunteer about two times a month. We sent Marcus to the Early Childhood Center (ECC) preschool and I sort of fell in love with the place and the happiness that seems to radiate out its doors. The twins were babies when Marcus went and now they are students. Mrs. Prince and I can hardly believe it. I wasn't feeling too emotional about it until the night before their very first day when I did something really stupid and went and watched this video. I teared up almost instantly and then had to go and cry to Tim for a few minutes.I mean just look at how little and adorable they were!

Untitled from kmt63 on Vimeo.

But then the next day when I saw them so happy and so big and so ready for this new adventure I just felt happy for them and all the fun things they'll get to do this year. It's going to be great.