Thursday, December 18, 2014

From this year's Christmas card

Hello, from Boise! We hope this letter finds you well and happy. Here are some random 2014 tidbits from the Richey Family:

Sports, sports, and more sports!! Marcus (9) played soccer for the second year and is currently giving basketball a try. Owen and Eli took a shot at wrestling. Everyone is still at the tender age where watching them is hilarious to Katie and hugely frustrating for poor Tim. Look out, T-ball is coming this spring!

Owen and Eli started Kindergarten and LOVE it! They are in the same class, and Ms. Sinclair or “Miss Clare” as they call her says they are doing great. Marcus is in fourth grade, getting so tall, still plays the piano, and loves school. Katie is the PTO vice president again so that she can spy on all of them and enjoy free popcorn during the monthly popcorn sales.

Zach is almost three! He is a chatter box, the king of the household, and still OBSESSED with Thomas the Train. He loves nursery, too. He is Katie’s faithful (though sometimes unwilling) sidekick on all her church and school adventures.

Katie tucked away year one of being the Relief Society president, but because things weren’t exciting enough, Tim got called to serve on the High Council. Seriously though, we feel hugely blessed to serve with some pretty amazing people.

Tim is still Controller for Peterson Auto Group, and the car biz has its perks because he got a new car in the spring. Goodbye, Kia; Hello, Lexus. Katie continues to drive the workhorse Dodge Caravan we purchased before the twins were born. Please don’t judge her by the cracked windshield, crumb filled interior, and sticky door handles. But definitely go ahead and judge Tim by his car. :)

We (finally) got new windows and doors throughout the house. We also updated the guest bath and officially said goodbye to the last of the 1970’s d├ęcor by painting our puke green tub a lovely white. Katie is thrilled.

Tim and Katie fell in love with Crossfit. Yes, we are those people.

Owen lost two teeth in about as many days. Eli regularly checks for wiggly teeth but none, yet. They turned six a few weeks ago. Their b-day gifts from G&G Richey describe them almost perfectly: Owen got a punching bag and Eli got a Wii game.

Merry Christmas!!

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You guys look so great!