Thursday, April 03, 2014

Spring Break 2014

We spent Spring Break last week in Utah with family. It was really fun and we played hard and didn't get enough sleep. Sounds like a good vacation to me. Here are some highlights:

Zachy was in heaven playing with all of cousin Tyler's Thomas trains. He spent a lot of time in the play room and it was pretty adorable to see how happy he was and how his little imagination worked.

I got to go to a baby shower for my cousin Eliza (holy cow, my little cousins are having babies!) and then I spent the afternoon at IKEA with my mom, Emma, and Nicole. It was wonderful! I'm kind of obsessed with this chair right now and am trying to figure out how it can be mine.

Kimberlie's twins were blessed, so we got a lovely twin shot. Eli was not really feeling pictures this trip. Annoying.

We went to the zoo with Grandpa and Grandma and Emma and Kevin and Nicole. It was fun even though Zachy was sort of a beast child and anti-stroller.

Dinosaur museum with the cousins. That place is really cool. We loved the star room.

Watched them make candy at the Peppermint Place for two minutes and then spent the next 20 choosing (and whining about) what candy to buy. Owen's current favorite is gumballs. "Mom, I'm hungry for gumballs." Mental note: next time just buy the candy, first.

Saw the new aquarium. I don't have a good group shot from that but Owen took this lovely pic of some fish swimming around.It was a neat place and will be even more incredible in a few months when it is truly complete.

He NEVER does this. Tired little fellow. I think this was during the 50th time we watched Frozen. Oh. My. Word.

I love Temple Square. 

We hiked the Y. We burned some calories and then promptly replaced them with lunch and ice cream at the Creamery. Yay for us!


Kara said...

FUn! We were in Utah last week, too and did some of the same things. How cool! I haven't been there for over 3 years.

Harlin Family said...

Can this be...a post from my cousin Katie? I should really be a poet right? First, I don't know how I missed you 2013 list. I'm sure I've seen you blog since January and don't remember this post dated 3 months ago!
I'm so glad you had fun in Utah with family. There are some cute pictures. You look beautiful in the one with a sleeping Zach. :)
Keep the posts coming. I love blogs!