Thursday, September 18, 2014

Deep thoughts at toddler story time

With the boys in kindergarten, Zachy and I have begun our own adventures. One of those is a weekly trip to the library for story time. When I first moved to Boise nine years ago, I found the sweetest little babies and moms story time at the library for us to attend. Then, Marcus graduated to toddler story time and that was when we met the queen of story time: Miss Tammy. She is amazing. I will travel past other libraries to reach her. :) Marcus and I went every week and fell in love with that woman and her stories and songs and complete willingness to be silly in front of grownups for the sake of the children. She is special. Well, along came the twins and I'll be honest when I say that story time was sort of hit and miss from then on out (mostly miss). It was just too much to take one toddler and two babies and then later when Zach came along, two toddlers and one baby. But now I just have one little adorable boy. Miss Tammy moved to a new library but we found her. Sadly, it isn't any closer, but we will still drive to her because to me, she is just that great.

at Roaring Springs this summer
This morning, I sat there with Zachy on my lap, smiling and counting and I thought of Marcus. And I thought of me. I thought of all the experiences and people that have filled the time between when he was the baby I held on my lap and now. Good things, bad things, happy things, hard things, some just things. I thought of the mom I was with one and the mom I am now with four. I thought of the person I was then and the person I am now. Honestly, sometimes it feels a little bitter sweet to be doing things I remember so clearly doing with my oldest with who I know will be my youngest.

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