Friday, September 13, 2013


We sent Owen and Eli off to preschool this week. They were so excited and happy to go. It'll be three mornings a week for two hours. This school operates like a cooperative so I will volunteer about two times a month. We sent Marcus to the Early Childhood Center (ECC) preschool and I sort of fell in love with the place and the happiness that seems to radiate out its doors. The twins were babies when Marcus went and now they are students. Mrs. Prince and I can hardly believe it. I wasn't feeling too emotional about it until the night before their very first day when I did something really stupid and went and watched this video. I teared up almost instantly and then had to go and cry to Tim for a few minutes.I mean just look at how little and adorable they were!

Untitled from kmt63 on Vimeo.

But then the next day when I saw them so happy and so big and so ready for this new adventure I just felt happy for them and all the fun things they'll get to do this year. It's going to be great.

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ann said...

You forget how little they were & how big they are getting. Thanks for sharing your pictures & videos.

I am excited that Owen & Eli are enjoying preschool. They are wonderful little/big boys! :)