Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One-year-old stuff

A week or so ago, I took Zachy in for his one-year-old immunizations and well-child check-up. All went well and then the doctor asked the question I knew was coming. "So, what is he doing?" Because here's the thing, he's not really doing much. He doesn't crawl. He doesn't walk. He doesn't cruise. He doesn't hold his own sippy. But as the doctor looked over at me with my sweet little boy snuggled in my lap as I told him about how I think he doesn't do any of these things not because he can't but because he doesn't a. want to b. need to because he is stubborn but also extremely cute and easy to love (spoil?) The good doctor took the baby and stood him up to check his little hips and legs and ruled him completely capable. "I'd just like to see him walking by 18 months, okay?" So now we have a deadline. Eli didn't walk until 17 months and my cousin's girl didn't walk until 22 months and both children are perfectly fine. I'd like him to walk or crawl because it would a. be cute and b. save him from getting so frustrated sometimes. 
Now, this is not to say that he doesn't do anything but sit like a lump. Instead of crawling, he rolls everywhere he wants to go. He will stand up against things if we put him there, and play quite happily. He will drink on his own from his sippy if he's reclined. He can say:
uh oh

Here are his new stats:
21 lbs (25th percentile)
30 inches (49th percentile)

Here are some fun things that he CAN do or things that he LOVES
give high fives
grow 4 adorable teeth
pump his arm when we say "toot toot" (like a train)
eating mandarin oranges, greenie beanies, hotdogs, rice krispie cereal, pancakes, chicken nuggets, toast with jam, puffs, pretzels, and milky
car rides
his family
 books! (we've added reading a story to our sleeping routine)
He still naps twice a day,  usually about 2 hours each and sleeps through the night.
And here are some pics from his birthday party with the grandparents and auntie Kay.

Grandma made this beautiful quilt for him. Each grandchild gets one when they turn one.

We did fancy cupcakes instead of a cake.


The brothers were happy to "help" Zachy open his presents.

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ann said...

I can't believe Zach is 1 yr old--enjoyed the b-day party.
We will keep working with Zach on his crawling/walking :)